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Safety: making a difference

Last Monday, I had the honor of speaking at EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies Awards Ceremony. Each company recognized demonstrated commitment to not only improving their safety practices and culture, but improving the quality of life for their employees. It makes the safety professional’s job much easier and means their “blood, sweat, and tears” have […]

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OSHA: measuring success

Since 2001, OSHA (federal and state-run programs) has placed a heavy emphasis on “reaching out” to educate employers and employees on OSHA standards and their respective industries to ensure and maintain compliance. Almost 4 million students have completed OSHA Outreach Training Programs (both online and class-room based). In 2010, a record number of students (781,578) […]

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Fall protection: competent person training

PureSafety is quite a unique company in regards to safety and health training. Unlike most online training companies, PureSafety has a dedicated, in-house team of safety professionals that live, breath, eat, and sleep safety. In other words, we have “lived the life” and “talked the talk” of our clients. Recognizing this highly valuable internal resource, […]

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Putting risk management out of business

Can anyone tell me why we are always trying to fix broken parts in this world? We look for them every day, always waiting for something to break. Our newspapers spend pages and pages telling what isn’t working. It actually takes until page 15 that you finally get to the stories of redemption, heroism, births, […]

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Gaming the OSHA 300 Log

One of the worst kept secrets over the past few decades has been how companies and health care providers have joined forces to game the OSHA 300 log to reduce the number of reportable injuries. This created a win-win situation where companies could report lower injury rates and the Department of Labor could take credit […]

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100% compliance with OSHA recordkeeping

OSHA has launched the National Emphasis Program on recordkeeping and, at the same time, is directing inspectors to review a company’s Form 300 Logs of work related injuries and illnesses for up to five previous years for violations of the recordkeeping rules. The end result is that many employers are receiving five and six digit […]

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ASSE Safety 2011 – observations from an occupational safety and health graduate student

This week, I attended Safety 2011 —The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) national conference. As an occupational safety and health graduate student, I was blown away by the learning opportunities available at Safety 2011. My favorite part was attending the informative seminars – especially Wild Wacky Effective Training and Culture vs. Climate.

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