Workplace Safety

Knowledge at Work provides a library of workplace safety articles for you and your organization to read, share, and print for reference. Workplace safety is UL Workplace Health & Safety’s focus and mission, so we ensure that Environment Health and Safety experts throughout the industry highlight workplace safety tips in each article they write, with your health and safety in mind.

Workplace Safety Well Demonstrated in Pipeline Transportation Industry

Pipeline workers are much safer than the average in the workplace. Following the latest release of the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses from the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS),experts in the safety industry have taken notice. Pipeline workers have incurred fewer injuries, few inspections, high wages, and no fatalities. Reports for Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred […]

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Comprehensive Workplace Safety Programs Emphasize Psychological Safety

Employees naturally want to feel “psychologically safe” when they express emotions, air complaints, or make suggestions. You know your workplace is psychologically safe when employees take interpersonal risks when communicating with team members and up the chain of command. The opportunity to embed a true culture of learning and safety is impaired when ideas and […]

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Evolution of Workplace Safety Yields Four Steps for Safer Working Environments

In the aftermath of ASSE’s Safety 2014, industry professionals can be reminded of the continuous evolution of safety precautions, regulations, and products. The impact of safety in the workplace has been great and will continue to improve through innovative products coupled with responsible procedures in the U.S. and globally. The evolution (or as some would refer to it, “revolution”) of safety in […]

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Save lives in the workplace with a CPR and AED training program

Jack Roberts collapsed while making a sales call at a small manufacturing plant. An employee determined Jack was experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was initiated and a nearby automated external defibrillator (AED) was used to restore Jack’s normal heart rhythm. Without quick, decisive action on the part of employees, Jack likely would […]

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Supervising employer responsible for recording temporary worker injuries and illnesses

When a temporary worker gets injured on the job, a game of hot potato sometimes ensues between the staffing agency that supplies the worker and the host employer. Both parties can be reluctant to claim recordkeeping responsibility, each considering the other to be the worker’s “real” employer. In a new educational bulletin, the Occupational Health […]

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