How Banorte Achieves Carbon Performance Excellence

Recently implemented Mexican regulations mean that, since December 2015, all organizations must report on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions form stationary and mobile sources, as well as direct and indirect emissions if these are more than 25,000 tCO2e. Grupo Financiero Banorte, the third largest financial group in Mexico, is meeting those new carbon regulatory requirements thanks to its sustainability reporting programme.

Banorte monitors emissions and electrical consumption of all its administrative buildings and 1,189 branches in Mexico and the United States, covering more than 27,700 employees. Moreover, Banorte’s Sustainability Team uses sustainability information management software to track indicators across the business, ranging from electricity and water consumption to paper usage, recycling and printer cartridges consumption. The trained data administrators are able to enter information themselves, while integrated report templates respond to the requirements of the respective reporting area and can be run automatically at predefined times or be downloaded instantly by users.

Benefits include greater flexibility, more powerful analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of information, and increased efficiency through reductions in verification time and costs.

Banorte’s success has been recognized by becoming the first Latin American company to have achieved a perfect score on the CDP’s 2015 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. In 2015, Banorte was also named in the DJSI Emerging Markets index for the second consecutive year, and was placed among the top five financial groups in the 14 countries that make up the index.

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