UL’s Self-Authoring Tool Delivers Fast and Flexible Customized Employee Elearning

The power to truly engage and inspire learners through professional development has never been greater.

Employee training courses that feature company leadership video messages and interactive content directed to a specific employee role, process or product ultimately excites and motivates participants.

But building and maintaining a comprehensive library of customized employee learning programs comes at a price, from both a fiscal and staffing perspective.

The pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries face the added challenge of a constantly changing landscape of new products and regulatory requirements, requiring fast and flexible training content updates.

UL Create is the backbone of fluctuating employee learning

UL’s new self-authoring elearning tool, UL Create, lets you design online multimedia training content with a custom appearance, by personalizing it with your brand and product logos, images, charts, quizzes and videos.

The tool can be used to edit UL PURE Learning™ courses or to develop your own.

With no software training or programming code required, users can quickly curate or edit polished, personalized learning programs–or build-your-own from scratch.

Months or years down the line, courseware can be easily updated to meet changing needs —no external instructional designer required.

UL Create fills the gap between out-of-the-box

learning and fully-customized courseware.

Customized learning elevates the employee’s educational experience by focusing content specifically on that learner/s unique role in the enterprise.

Personalized Learning Offers ROI

Studies have shown personalized learning improves employee satisfaction and increases short-and long-term information retention.

These benefits will carry over to colleagues, customers and your bottom line.

UL’s Create self-authoring software provides straightforward development and editing benefits:

  • Content Driven: focus on messaging, not laborious layout and graphics
  • Flexible: design your own course or select an existing template from UL’s library (subscription required)
  • Collaborative: Distributed team-based content authoring and approval from any location
  • Powerful Interactions: produce interactive, engaging, high-quality courseware
  • Branded Design: design a customized look with theme management
  • Ease-of-Use: no program coding or special training required

Watch the UL Create Webinar (3/2018) and see the design and editing process in action.

Design and Deploy Any Time, Any Location

UL Create is cloud-based, giving access to learners working across the hall or around the globe. Users can access the same course at the same time or individually at their own pace.

Using Amazon Web Services for Content Delivery Network, your courses can be delivered to locations near global learners to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Its intuitive design saves time by creating one course for all platforms and devices, allowing remote/field personnel full access from any location.

Once the course is ready to go, users can publish it directly to ComplianceWire® with one click.

ComplianceWire® technology is the automated learning platform trusted by the FDA to train more than 36,000 global, federal, state and local investigators.

Learn more about creating your own impactful customized employee training courseware.

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