A Friendly Reminder to Post OSHA 300

Have you posted your OSHA Form 300A yet? Employers have an obligation to post a copy of the form—which summarizes job-related injuries and illnesses logged during the 2015 calendar year—in a common area where employees can see it. You will often see this in a break room or common area where other federally mandated notices (like information on the Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and the Family and Medical Leave Act) are located. It must be posted until April 30, 2016, and failure to comply can lead to censure or fines.

Why does OSHA require a public posting? As surprising as it might be to our dear readers in leading safety cultures, not every company has a stellar safety record. Worse, some organizations actively cover their safety tracks. The requirement to post OSHA 300, along with other provisions like whistleblowing protections and the general duty clause, can be an important tool to inform workers about conditions in their own workplaces.

Last year’s rule change means that more employers than ever have a requirement to post. If you’ve never posted a form before, consult the OSHA website for instructions.

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