U.S. Safety Datapalooza – a potpourri of projects

The Obama administration launched a Safety Data Initiative in 2012 that is intended to make government data relating to every aspect of public and product safety more accessible and help consumers and employers make smarter, safer choices. This week, the White House and agencies including the Department of Transportation and Department of Agriculture convened the second annual Safety Datapalooza to discuss products, services and Smartphone apps that advance public safety.

Examples include:

  • Standardized Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Energy hash tags, e.g., #PowerLineDown
  • A Food and Drug Administration project to better utilize datasets on adverse events, medical errors and similar issues to support the agency’s regulatory mission, help educate the public and save lives
  • A Department of Labor project to use data to identify and reduce noise hazards and exposures
  • A State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs, effort to inform Americans about international travel risks and health alerts
  • Improving access to Food Safety and Inspection Service data to prevent the spread of food-borne illness