NAOSH Week Celebrates Workplace Safety

May 6-12 marks North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH Week), a celebration founded to honor and give much-deserved recognition to the important work of occupational health and safety professionals.This is a time to for employers, co-workers, and the public to show appreciation to those who work to ensure safe working conditions.

At UL we’ve always put a spotlight on the critical work done by health and safety professionals, but that spotlight will get even brighter as people outside these departments, and especially C-level executives, begin to recognize the potential to drive overall business performance.

Some of the most impacting principles and practices of occupational safety and health management have been around for decades — but too often have been under-appreciated, underutilized, and underfunded within an organization’s big picture. That’s changing and will continue to change because market pressures are illuminating the vital role of safety and health professionals, and the programs they manage, in meeting today’s business challenges and revealing that these functions present new opportunities to improve competitive position and profitability.

Two factors are elevating occupational safety and health management into a more prominent role and making it an increasingly powerful contributor to overall business performance. First, companies are adopting quality management methods into their safety and health programs — and realizing great benefits as a result. Second, safety, health and related professionals are increasingly uniting efforts. Greater collaboration and cooperation between these professionals, and greater coordination and integration of their systems and processes, can deliver extraordinary benefits — and that will become even truer as technology helps facilitate a united approach.

Let NAOSH Week serve as a reminder to show appreciation to the life-saving efforts of health and safety professionals in your organization.