UL EHS Sustainability Hosts ESG Roundtable

During last week’s EHSS Connect event in Nashville, EHS & Sustainability Advisory Services hosted a diverse group of sustainability professionals to discuss the value and challenges encountered in sustainability reporting. The goal of the roundtable discussion was to understand how sustainability professionals are navigating the current ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and disclosure landscape, and how UL can provide guidance around ESG management.

Keeping in the ESG theme with the keynote address by Lance Pierce, President of CDP North America, the discussion involved three topic areas: articulating organizational value, reconciling investment and disclosure needs, and aligning a practical way forward. The discussion highlighted the investment community’s influence on the proliferation of sustainability reporting and how the growth in importance of ESGs has led to divergence and fragmentation in disclosures through a sector-specific lens. While quantitative data indicates progress towards a goal or target, the group concluded that perhaps the biggest hurdle in sustainability reporting, and ultimately earning internal buy-in, is driving effective behavioral change.