A winning combination at work – health & safety

When safety and occupational health professionals work together, the result is a safer workplace and improved health care delivery. Not only does a combined program aid in reducing injuries and illnesses, it can also be very cost-effective.

Occupational health nurses, in the role of an advocate, typically have a positive relationship with employees. This makes it much easier in learning what is really going on in the workplace, as the employee is more likely to share information. This relationship provides the nurse an opportunity to share pertinent information with safety professionals, while maintaining confidentiality. When health and safety work together, everyone wins!

It’s easy to see why health and safety should work together – but how do you do it effectively?

Tips to maintain positive relationships between health and safety leaders:

  • Hold regular staff meetings with pertinent individuals – This will help you to keep focus on work objectives
  • Health professionals should seek certifications in safety – I recommend looking into the Safety Manager credential offered by ABOHN. This helps you to lay the necessary groundwork to move toward becoming a Certified Safety Professional.
  • Don’t forget to consider the impact on the company’s bottom line – Recognize the positive impact on the bottom line, ROI and impact on profit margin that an effective relationship between health and safety professionals can have.
  • Don’t ignore the expertise of others – Each professional brings their own unique experiences and backgrounds in providing successful workplace safety and health programs

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas as well. How can occupational health and safety professionals collaborate more effectively?