Knowledge sharing from the workplace health and safety industry

If you missed any of our recent webinars, you can access the recorded versions via the links below.

  • Building a Successful Return to Work Program – Employers who understand the impact of employee absenteeism can take steps to control it. A total absence management program is a very effective tool for managing the issues relating to employee absences. In this presentation, Dr. Campbell will identify challenges that deter absent employees from returning to work and identify the impact of successful return to work programs on the workplace and how they reduce costs.
  • Creating a Culture of Early Reporting – A fundamental characteristic of a strong safety culture is that everyone feels responsible for identifying, reporting and reducing potential risks. By supporting and enabling early reporting of unsafe conditions and near misses, companies improve their ability to take proactive corrective action. In this session, we’ll review results of a recent research study designed to understand how to encourage employees to report unsafe work conditions and the benefits of an “early reporting” culture. Presented by Rangaraj Ramanujam, Associate Professor of Management at Vanderbilt University.
  • How Chronic Diseases Hurt Your Business – And What You Can Do! – More and more each year, poor personal health conditions among your employees are driving up the health insurance costs of your organization. Did you know that these same poor health conditions may also be increasing your workers’ compensation and labor costs? Dr. Caveney will review why 2/3 of all health care costs are due to lifestyle and the cost associated with these issues. Further, he’ll discuss why your organization must focus on wellness initiatives to compete, and what is working around the county.He’ll also highlight research that has demo
We will continue to offer live presentations by health and safety industry experts every other month throughout the year. Check for information about upcoming webinars and other events..