Healthcare employee illness & injury rates – infographic

In last week’s blog, we explored the staggering statistics around workplace injuries and illnesses. The data showed that healthcare employees are more likely to suffer a work-related injury/illness than employees in sectors traditionally thought to be extremely dangerous — such as mining or construction.

More than 13.7 million people work in healthcare in the U.S. — making up 11% of the workforce. Based on recent data, healthcare employees are annually hit by 92,000 workplace illnesses (that’s 13.7% of all workplace illnesses) and 716,800 injuries (that’s 15% of all workplace injuries).

To break it down, compared to the national average, healthcare employees are:

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  • 3x more likely to get sick from a workplace illness
  • More than 1.6X more likely to be injured at work
  • More likely to be injured on the job than employees in construction, transportation, mining or utilities — and many other industries that are often billed as “dangerous”

9.1 million of healthcare employees work outside of hospitals, which means they often have very little employee health and safety resources.

You can see more of this data, including specifics on hospitals and nursing homes in our Working in Healthcare Infographic.

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