Managing your time: keys to a safe & healthy workforce

Part 2 of the Keys to a safe & healthy workforce blog series

Many of us wish for enough time to equalize work-life balance. If only there really were more hours in the day!

You can “create” more hours in your day, if you act on these important clues:

  • Use technology wisely to be more efficient and productive
  • Set reasonable boundaries, especially after work hours, to take control of interruptions and the ubiquitous presence of cell phones and computers
  • Prioritize daily activities and minimize scheduling conflicts
  • Learn how to effectively delegate certain tasks – have faith in others (work colleagues, family members, etc.) to accomplish them
  • Unbundle a big project into more manageable smaller projects
  • Despite the pressure to produce, think about quality as well as quantity. It costs time and money to correct mistakes made under duress
  • If you dread a certain obligation, such as making a difficult phone call, do it at the beginning of your day
  • Get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly
  • Take time away from work and household responsibilities to keep creative juices flowing


By facilitating best practices such as the use of leading indicators and better collaboration across departments, UL helps manage health and safety risks more efficiently and effectively.