Say Goodbye to Paper and Hello to EMR

Does this picture look familiar? Have you tried to slide one more chart onto an overcrowded shelf? Have you considered how much time you spend annually boxing up employee files for those who have left your business? Even worse, have you had to go back to the off-site storage one year later when they request another copy of their vaccinations? This is all time consuming and inefficient.

There are many reasons why having electronic medical records (EMR) in Occupational/Employee Health Departments can be a much-needed improvement. Here are just a few to consider:

  1. Legibility – There’s an old joke about doctors’ poor handwriting, but it’s sometimes true. Electronic records mean no more dealing with various handwriting styles since notes are typed.
  2. Accessibility – EMRs are easily searchable by any member of the Occupational Health staff, which means no more hunting through multiple inboxes or filing shelves.
  3. Space Savings – Many people are able to save office space where they’d normally be storing paper charts and eliminate the cost of storage at offsite storage facilities.
  4. Better use of staff – EMRs may translate into greater efficiency, allowing staff to focus on patients and eliminating redundant positions.
  5. Multiple User Access – Most EMR programs allow multiple users to access a chart at the same time. Many even allow multiple people to enter chart notes at the same time. This also allows integration of lab and radiology results.
  6. Data Analytics – With information that can easily be captured on the electronic health record, more detailed data analysis can be completed for the management team.

There are many other reasons that EMRs can be a good change for your business. The reasons listed above can be a good start to assist you in putting together a business case to purchase an EMR system for your department.