Bringing safety and learning together

We’re very excited about our latest PureSafety Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS) release. We’re most proud of its ability to bring safety and learning together. Specifically, we’ve added capabilities that allow an administrator or safety professional to take incidents from a real-world event and memorialize them in the collective safety culture as a training […]

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This is not a test – the importance of a solid business continuity plan

For UL, and almost all organizations, having solid planning in place ensures that you’re prepared to deal with emergencies in a controlled manner so that operations remain consistent and customer data is protected. Few companies experience testing of their business continuity capabilities by an event such as the one we encountered when the building housing […]

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Protecting the brand

Each year brings major news stories that illustrate the terrible consequences of inadequate safety, risk management and governance practices. 2012 is proving to be no different with a cruise ship catastrophe, mere weeks into the year. As of this writing – there are 11 people confirmed dead and 21 missing; and criticism has been rampant […]

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