Leading indicators: the perfect storm is forming

In 1991, the crew of the Andrea Gail perished in a Halloween Noreaster known as “The Perfect Storm”. The captain and crew ignored warning signs, such as repeated warnings from other ships. They failed to recognize, in essence, leading indicators. On October 26, they set a course to return home after a machinery breakdown (their […]

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Emergency management for hospitals

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is the “common language” for all federal, state and local responders. Healthcare must learn to speak that language and function as part of a coordinated multi-agency response. The goal is to strengthen medical surge capacity, and it is not optional. HHS requires hospitals to implement 11 specific NIMS objectives […]

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Fatigue – from the roads to the skies

Whether we’re sitting at a desk, working in a factory, driving trucks or even flying airplanes, fatigue can sneak up on us. And fatigue can lead to error. But it’s important to remember that fatigue can be managed. Getting satisfactory sleep and trying to build a routine in your day-to-day activities is the best way […]

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