Bringing safety and learning together

We’re very excited about our latest PureSafety Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS) release. We’re most proud of its ability to bring safety and learning together. Specifically, we’ve added capabilities that allow an administrator or safety professional to take incidents from a real-world event and memorialize them in the collective safety culture as a training session.

PureSafety has a long history as a training company and safety training represents a fundamental step in establishing a leading safety program. Most companies ensure that new employees successfully complete a targeted set of safety courses before they start their new jobs and provide refresher training on recurring basis.

We feel that another fundamental component within a leading safety program is to provide the ability to engage employees and supervisors in observation based safety programs. Allowing front line employees and supervisors to report unsafe conditions, procedures, or personnel ensures that safety is much more ingrained in the culture. In support of this, we extended LSMS with a new expanded safety management capabilities. This allows employees to submit observations with and without loss, enables safety professionals to analyze the events and provides the tools to identify causal factors and assign corrective actions.

This is where it gets interesting. In our latest release, we allow the observations and events that actually occurred to be memorialized in the company’s collective safety culture, and used as learning moments. All of the data that are collected as part of an incident can be pushed to a training course with a short series of clicks. It’s one thing to generically tell an employee that they must wear a harness. It’s another thing to say that an employee at the company was badly injured and fell four stories because they didn’t wear a harness (protecting personal health information, of course).

We’ve included many other features in this release, but we believe the linking of learning and safety has the potential to make the biggest impact. We’d like to hear from you. What are your thoughts? How are you alerting employees to incidents that occur and how to avoid them occurring in the future?

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