Customized training an investment in safer workplaces, employees

Whether you work in a large organization or a small-to-medium size business, there are advantages associated with offering online safety training to your employees.

Online training provides consistent knowledge for the best practices and guidelines that help establish a foundation for a strong safety culture. It also provides a repeatable learning experience to ensure all employees are trained equally.

Most commonly, employers have had two options when providing online safety training: either purchase generic, off-the-shelf training or develop focused, custom content.

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses typically are affordable, readily accessible and present established, credible content. However, this non-customized content often doesn’t apply to the employee or seem relevant to their job. The subject matter may also be too sparse or too detailed, or it may not address all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

With respect to developing custom content, while some companies have staff to build their own courses internally, this dedicated effort can be time-consuming and expensive.

As a result, a third option featuring a blended approach is becoming more prevalent. By partnering with an outside eLearning provider, employers can offer customized safety content that targets their employees and supports organizational goals. Here are some reasons why:

It’s learner-focused: Subject matter can be tailored or expanded to address company-specific policies and practices, and provide reinforcing instruction that closes the gap between practice and application. Most customized training approaches begin with an assessment of current knowledge levels and ideal demonstrated behavior.

It has practical applications: Training is most effective when employees can link the material back to their job. Customized courses incorporate case studies and learning activities pertinent to the actual work environment. They may include real-life workplace information, practices and policies; site-specific photos, illustrations and imagery; corporate videos, demonstrations, animations and other media; corporate branding, logos and color schemes.

It increases productivity and profitability: Training positively impacts employee performance and an organization’s profitability, in turn creating a competitive advantage. Customized courses that pertain to specific jobs reduce the amount of scrap-associated training, making it a sound investment of time and money.

It provides operational building blocks: The custom content, practical exercises and other instructional assets can be incorporated into operational policies and procedures and used during on-boarding for new employees.

It is culturally sensitive: eLearning courses can be translated into other languages. Offering training in employees’ native language helps increase knowledge retention and training effectiveness because it eliminates the double learning curve most non-English speaking employees face when taking training in English.

The Institute for Work and Health conducted a study designed to measure the effectiveness of training in protecting workers. The review found strong evidence that training was effective in “changing targeted behaviors.” In essence, safety training is critical to an organization’s ability to keep employees safe, healthy and productive. Offering customized safety training solidifies the core competencies and increases retention levels of learning.

Maximize the impact of your safety training program with eLearning created for YOUR workplace, including custom branded courses and courses in any language to meet your global training needs.