Granting Credits via an LMS

What happens when an employee attends an outside training event – and wants to apply it to an assigned training item? For ComplianceWire® subscribers, one option is to have the learner provide a certificate, and then build an “equivalency” for the assigned training item. This moves the item from the To-Do List to the History area for that learner. However, this process can become overwhelming to administrators if the requests start to build up. And company’s policies and processes may require that managers or trainers approve all outside educational events. This requires a manual workflow, in which administrators ask for a signed approval, enter a new training equivalency, and upload the certificate into the training item record.

That’s why ComplianceWire now streamlines this process with a new “Course Credit Request & Approval” feature. When this credit functionality is enabled, learners can submit a credit request, which then gets routed to “approvers” so they can grant the request and automatically remove the item from the learner’s To-Do List. This workflow also removes the burden for the learner as to how best to communicate to administrators about third-party training they attended.

Once the credit feature is enabled by UL Client Services, administrators can configure the Credit options based on the company’s specific policies and processes. After a learner submits a request to approve a course credit, an authorized credit approver is notified, and can approve or reject the request from the “Action Center.” Once the request is approved, a completion for the ComplianceWire training Item is issued in the form of a Course Credit and the Training Item no longer appears in the learner’s To-Do List. The feature has appropriate security permissions so individuals can grant credit to a learner.

UL recommends that when this is enabled, you should create a procedural document and communicate the requirements for Course Credits with approvers and administrators who can grant course credits. In the event of an audit, you may be expected to support the validity of course credits approved or granted.

The first step is to determine the process your company would like to apply when it comes to granting credits. Training and management teams should ask a few fundamental questions, such as:

  • What job roles are expected to request credits?
  • How many outside training events does the workforce attend?
  • How can we validate that third-party training events provide the level of education demanded by our organization?
  • Who should approve or reject credit requests: managers, trainers, or both?
  • Are learners required to provide certificates or proof of training at these events?
  • Should learners have to provide “reasons” for the credit request as part of the approval process?

In ComplianceWire, a manager can gain the ability to approve or reject credit requests for their direct reports. This requires that the “manager” field is populated for each learner in ComplianceWire. In addition, ComplianceWire enables you to build a User Group of “Credit Request Approvers.” When the Credit feature is enabled, a learner can visit the To- Do list, click an assignment’s arrow button and make a request for credit.

When the learner submits the credit request, he or she must select a reason, and the list of reasons can be managed by administrators. Learners may be required to upload a certificate or proof of training. Note: this does require that clients have subscribed to our Shared or Dedicated Hosting service.

When the learner makes the request, the status changes to “Credit requested” for that item. The request then displays in the designated approver’s Action Center as “Credits Pending Approvals.” The number of approvals pending is also displayed. The approver can then approve or reject the request.