Maintain Compliance for Furloughed Employees During the Pandemic

Has your organization considered or instituted employee furloughs, in lieu of layoffs, to save money, jobs, and valuable in-house talent? For L&D managers in regulated industries, maintaining compliance for these workers can be tricky.

UL’s ComplianceWire® LMS offers a simple solution to ensure furloughed workers remain compliant on their learning and development activities upon return to work.

The Automated Recurring Assignment Grace Period (introduced with the 2018R1 release) feature alleviates the administrative burden associated with managing the status of employees who are temporarily denied access to the LMS due to their leave status.

Clients with criteria-based learning groups can use this feature to grant a grace period to employees who return to work, avoiding an “At-Risk” or “Overdue” status. As a result, your staff has ample time to become job requalified, if needed, while maintaining compliance.

UL’s goal is to help accelerate your returning workers to full compliance as quickly and efficiently as possible during this challenging time, with no program disruption.

Are you already a ComplianceWire client? Learn more about the “grace period” feature in the System Administrator’s Guide for Assignments, available in the ComplianceWire platform (page 24).

Are you experiencing COVID-19-related challenges with your learning programs? We are here to help. Contact with any questions or concerns.