Aufbau eines Systems der Verantwortlichkeit

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T. D. Williamson (TDW) is a premier pipeline maintenance company. TDW designs and manufactures engineered systems for monitoring, pigging, tapping, plugging, and inspecting essential pipeline systems. With over 750 employees, TDW markets its products and services through a worldwide network of sales offices and representatives and from strategically located international service and/or manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


TDW has always had a commitment to safety. However, its Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR) and Lost Time Incidence Rate (LTI) were at unacceptable levels. The company needed to revamp its entire HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) program to include a system of accountability regarding safe employees and a safer working environment. Additionally, one of the major challenges was how to drive this idea from the top down in order to build a global culture of HSE.


In 2002, TDW implemented a major HSE program initiative that included newly designed equipment, a sling program, a short service (new hire) employee awareness program, mentoring, new operational procedures, creation of a HSE team and PURE Safety Learning Management System as its training delivery, management and reporting solution.

TDW trains its employees throughout all of its US Service and Manufacturing operations and trains its managers internationally. By training the managers in its foreign offices, the HSE knowledge obtained by these managers is passed on to the other employees. In the US, training is expanded to include all employees.


Since implementing the PURE Safety LMS enterprise solution in March of 2003, training is now being assigned, delivered and tracked on a global, company-wide basis. While PURE Safety LMS is just one component of TDW’s global HSE program, it has played a significant role in helping the company achieve the following results: TDW has experienced a 26% reduction in overall incidences since the launch of the formal HSE program.

With a focus on the manufacturing facilities over the last 18 months, TDW has seen a 67% decrease in its Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR) and a 90% reduction in its Lost Time Incidence Rate (LTI). The 2002 TRIR rate was 13.95 versus the May 2004 rate of 4.66. In 2002, the LTI was 8.00 compared to a LTI rate of 0.80 in May 2004.

Measurement of the HSE goal of 100% completion of PURE Learning training is now a reality.

A manager’s annual bonus is limited if 100% training is not achieved within a 90 day requirement period. Managers are held accountable based upon the documentation through the reporting function of the PURE Safety LMS.

Because of the logistics of TDW’s entire operations, training is being delivered in a consistent manner that was not possible prior to the implementation of PURE Safety LMS. UL’s PURE Learning courses provide practical (applicable) subject matter that is presented in an easy-to-understand, common sense format.

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