Eine Kultur der Gesundheit und Sicherheit schaffen:
Unterstützende Metriken verwalten (Teil 2)

More than 313 million global work-related accidents occur each year – with a high percentage of those accidents resulting in significant time away from work. Each accident bears a personal and financial cost for the worker and the employer. Yet, many companies still take a corrective outlook on employee health and safety, dealing with accidents as they happen, rather than focusing on preventive measures and safety benefits.

At the center of a preventive employee health and safety (EHS) culture is the belief at the executive level that accidents and harm should be preventable.

You will learn:

  • How to assign corrective actions, analyze underlying causes, report on incident rates, and maintain an accurate record of policy documents.
  • How to set up the right framework and reporting structure.
  • How a smart EHS management system can expand your capabilities across the full range of EHS and compliance management, and
  • Why global organizations such as Philips, Centrica, and Nestlé have already chosen UL’s EHS & Compliance solution to adopt a proactive stance on preventing incidents.