UL introduces electronic remittance advice (ERA) 835 processing for workers’ compensation

Dec 15, 2020

Franklin, Tennessee - (PRNewswire)

UL, the global safety science leader, recently announced a new collaboration with Jopari Solutions, Inc. Jopari Solutions offers specialist healthcare IT solutions, including claims processing products for workers’ compensation and auto medical markets. The two companies teamed up to develop an automated system that enables occupational healthcare providers to submit workers’ compensation claims, attachments and medical records, and receive remittance payments directly in SYSTOC®, UL’s electronic health record (EMR) and medical billing software.

Scott Barnard, managing director at UL, said, “The majority of workers’ compensation claims are still managed manually. Manual processing increases the risk of errors and significantly delays payment. This solution helps businesses solve critical challenges and minimize the drain of manual billing by providing a well-defined, faster path for remittance that ultimately allows them to process claims with more accuracy and efficiency.”

UL’s SYSTOC helps occupational health programs and freestanding practices to streamline patient data management, automate treatment and billing protocols and support ongoing immunization registry initiatives. The flexible software improves customer satisfaction by offering customer-specific patient handling and billing procedures, faster provider access to digital laboratory results and reduces patient wait times with electronic forms that can be completed online in advance.

The SYSTOC EDI module allows clinics to submit invoice data quickly by transmitting invoices electronically, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow and facilitates employees spending more time with patients. The additional benefits include:

• Faster billing
• Faster remittance applied directly into SYSTOC
• Minimizing bill rejections from manual keying errors
• Decreasing duplicate submissions
• Reducing administrative workload
• Establishing a delivery and status audit history for provider and payer

UL and Jopari have been collaborating for many years to identify opportunities to enhance the workers’ compensation process. The partnership has produced creative solutions to remove manual processes and provide ease of use. Jennifer Nereu, vice president of client services at Jopari Solutions, said, “We have been working with UL since 2011, focusing on improving and automating workers’ compensation and auto medical billing processes, while striving for paperless processing. The new enhancement automates the remittance process for occupational healthcare providers, completing the electronic billing cycle and providing a simpler, more user-friendly solution.”

To learn more about how UL can help your business to develop a workplace culture of health and safety, visit ULEHSS.com.

Visit Jopari Solutions’ website to discover more about their specialist healthcare IT solutions.

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