• Adrian is an entrepreneurial consultant, strategic thinker and change maker. He joined UL in 2015. He is responsible for the delivery of Advisory Services and contributing to the development of UL’s Circular Economy strategy and capabilities​
  • Adrian’s Sustainability and Circular Economy expertise was acquired during 4 years at Accenture Strategy and 2 years as a freelance consultant to global apparel brands. Adrian has been able to deploy this expertise to the benefit of UL’s clients​
  • Adrian gained a BSc in Geography from UCL where he focussed on Sustainable Sourcing​


Key Skills

  • Strategy development​
  • Market analysis​
  • Systems thinking​
  • Communication​

Focus Areas

  • Circular Economy​
  • Sustainability​

Relevant Experience

Accenture Strategy – Sustainability Consultant

  • Strategy: Delivered sustainability strategies and action plans across various sectors, including; luxury goods, infrastructure, communications and many others​
  • C-suite engagement: Working with multiple CEOs at the World Economic Forum – developing and delivering reports on sustainable consumption /supply chain risk
  • Digital: Consulting on how technology and data can enable sustainable behaviours and drive better growth​

Responsible Racing – Founder

  • Exposure: Coordinated the market introduction of sustainable endurance sport products in France​
  • Education: Delivered workshops on sustainable innovation within sports equipment at various design institutions​
  • Advocacy: Shared ideas and insights on