• Ellen is an inquisitive consultant and strategic thinker. She joined UL in 2014 as part of the cr360 Sustainability Software team. She is responsible for the delivery of Advisory Services and contributing to the development of UL’s ESG strategy.
  • Ellen spent four years leading software implementations geared towards ESG data collection and reporting.
  • Ellen earned an MS in Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan where she focused on strategic business growth through the Triple Bottom Line.

Key Skills

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market Analysis
  • Intercultural Elasticity

Focus Areas

  • ESG Metrics
  • Sustainability Reporting

Relevant Experience

UL EHS & Sustainability – Project Business Analyst

  • Solutions Engineering: Led discovery sessions with clients across multiple sectors to determine how to best to capture data for non-financial reporting
  • Problem Solving: Collaborated with UL EHS&S’ product team to unveil product solutions for prospective and existing clients in sustainability and environmental data collection
  • Digital: Consulting on how big data can enable decision makers to strategize for future growth

Green Garage – Sustainability Consultant

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Consulting with business owners on how to incorporate positive social and environmental impact on every business decision
  • Education: Hosted workshops on sustainable living and work environments for residents and business owners in Midtown Detroit
  • Advocacy: Developed relationships with key community organizers to reinvigorate business development in Detroit