• Khoi joined UL in 2008, and leads the UL EHSS Advisory Services practice. Prior to this role, Khoi was responsible for strategy and service innovation for UL’s largest customers and managed UL’s largest business unit’s policy and regulatory strategy.
  • Khoi has overseen major change management, process improvement, and technology enablement projects in collaboration with various global organizations.
  • Khoi earned his BBA in International Business and Corporate Strategy from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Key Skills

  • Strategy Development
  • ROI Calculations
  • Process Improvement
  • Communication

Focus Areas

  • Global Value Chain (Supply Chain Management)
  • Executive Engagement

Relevant Experience

Environmental Policy & Compliance

  • International adoption of Renewable/Alternative Energy: Worked with federal and international government agencies to organize capacity building workshops on standards and performance
  • Transparency: Enabling companies to provide “green” or environmental claims for products, manufacturing processes, and third-party certification
  • Chemical policy adoption: helping the furniture industry to identify a fire safe & toxin-free alternative to flame retardant chemicals

Supply Chain Management – Continuous Improvement & EHS Compliance

  • ROI Calculation: developed ROI calculations related to process improvements and productivity for prominent automotive OEM
  • Work Flow Improvement: supported kaizen events and continuous improvement practices across multiple businesses

Selected Publications