Maintain a Highly Efficient, Organized System for Audit Data Collection, Life Cycle Tracking and Management

Efficient Audit Data Collection

Checking for compliance against established policies is vital to good governance. Using software tools helps you maintain a highly efficient, organized approach to compliance, whether it is a daily protective equipment (PPE) inspection, a regular fire safety audit, or an annual review of your suppliers to check adherence to policies and procedures.

Manage Full Audit Life Cycle

Your team needs the tools to track the full audit life cycle, keeping appropriate people informed of progress throughout. Visibility into the full audit life cycle, whether addressing a non-compliant supplier, or employee safety gear at a work site, identifies risks and decreases future issues in your business or supply chain.

Mobile Audit Capabilities

Using the Audits module mobile app, auditors can complete checklists and add audit details and images in real time on a smartphone or tablet, even when they are offline. Involve multiple sites and suppliers across the world to complete audits and identify opportunities for improvement with real-time dashboards and risk ranking.

Key Benefits and Features

Track the Full Audit Life Cycle

Define workflows to track progress from audit programs from start to completion, and update relevant teams throughout.

Generate Follow-Up Actions Automatically

Create corrective and preventative actions automatically, in line with particular responses and audit findings.

Record Offline

Auditors can complete checklists and add audit details and images in real time on a smartphone or tablet, increasing productivity.

Share Results with Ease

Tracking and sharing audit metrics is simple with UL’s reporting tools.

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