Automate Billing and Claims, and Manage Payments Across the Revenue Cycle

Complete Software Solution for Medical Billing

In your occupational medicine role, you have responsibilities that range from EMR management to patient billing. These necessary responsibilities can eat up all of your valuable time, which can cause you unnecessary stress. No matter the size of your hospital or clinic, it can be difficult to find and implement a time-saving system to manage your employees and information safely and securely. That’s why UL has created PURE Health solutions to help you perform your many duties efficiently and effectively.

Deeper Look Into Workers Compensation

UL has designed solutions that enable occupational medicine programs to track the clinic’s financial performance and contributions to the health system’s bottom line.  Take a deeper look into your clinic with the software’s analytic capabilities to examine individual client activities in two categories – workers’ compensation and employer-paid services – to identify fluctuations and spot injury incident trends.

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