Tools to Track, Report, Predict, and Analyze Safety Incidents and Near-Miss Data

Track, Predict, Analyze

Risks to a business can come from many places: processes, manufacturing, regulatory, supply chain, key personnel, hazards, and incidents. One incident can cause a company to lose public credibility, money, customers, and most importantly, lives. You need the tools to track, predict, and analyze incident and near-miss data.

Support Compliance and Mitigate Risk

The incident reporting process is complex. You need to record everything quickly and accurately – from the people involved, the investigation, the root cause analysis, the risk assessment and any mitigation strategies. With that information, you then need the tools to define and automate corrective or preventative actions in order to address potential future incidents.

Centralized, Standardized, Incident Management Software

UL’s Incidents module is designed to help you standardize the reporting process and take paper reporting out of the equation. Built-in automation and reporting tools remove time consuming manual processes and emails. You can record incidents and events easily, react quickly, and report confidently.

Key Benefits and Features

Capture Incidents with Ease

Employees across the business can easily log incidents and observations in detail and on mobile devices, promoting employee participation.

Manage Actions

Track preventative and corrective actions through to completion through automated workflows and run a full analysis.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Report on trends and performance internally and respond efficiently to national health and safety bodies using pre-defined forms.

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