Software Analysis Tools to Track, Report, and Analyze Workplace/Job Hazards

Hidden Hazards

Every day, millions of people work in environments with hazards that can cause illness, impair health or, even worse, death. Many of these hazards—which can include a range of issues like chemical vapors, extreme temperatures, and poor ergonomic design–might not cause immediate adverse health effects but can cause life-altering problems over time.

Proactive Approach

The ultimate goal of industrial hygiene is to protect employees, their families, and the community from workplace hazards and dangers. By taking a proactive approach, incidents are considered preventable and a company can reduce the expenses spent on investigating incidents and implementing corrective actions.

Mitigating Risk

UL’s PURE Platform includes comprehensive solutions to integrate the tracking, reporting, and analysis of hazards in the workplace. Increased awareness promotes the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention, and control of those environmental factors or stressors arising in or from the workplace.

Key Benefits and Features

Identify Hazards

Easily report hazards or concerns proactively through the PURE Platform.

Manage Site Hygiene Audits

Using our Audits module, create, complete, and track hygiene-related audits.

Monitor Exposure

UL's PURE solutions give you tools to monitor exposure to potentially harmful substances, and generate alerts to supervisors.

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