High-Quality Online Training Courses for an Improved Learner Experience

Make the Learner the Top Priority

Instructional design is a vital part of the course development process. For course content designed for workplace training, it is crucial that the learner is engaged and retains information after the course is complete. Our strong instructional design team always makes the learner the top priority, from analyzing your needs to completing the course storyboard.

Build for Specific Learning Objectives

It is important to create courses well-designed to meet specific learning objectives. We build all of our content, learning activities, and assessments around objectives to ensure learners know what to expect and what knowledge and skills they will demonstrate in course activities and assessments.

Full Instructional Design Team

All of our PURE Learning courseware is created by UL’s talented adult learning specialists. Our team is dedicated to using this instructional design methodology, ensuring that our designers, graphic artists, and other talented professionals can help you implement your training solution so that you can achieve safety and success. See the difference for yourself and contact us to view one of our high-quality courses or learn how we can create new content just for you.

Key Benefits and Features

Increased Retention

A systematic approach to instructional design yields increased content retention - vital for workplace training topics.

Digestable Content

We create content at the ideal length for learner engagement and retention, communicating key points across in a concise, but complete manner.

Relevant Activities and Tests

Our courseware is designed to include relevant knowledge check activities and post-course testing to check comprehension.

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