Analyze Energy & Meter Data to Reduce Usage and Costs

Multi-Site Energy Data Collection System

It can be a challenge to keep track of energy use across multiple buildings, sites, and territories, particularly when information is recorded manually in disparate systems or spreadsheets. With the tools to automate real-time data gathering, monitoring, and reporting across thousands of meters, your company can make more informed decisions, cut energy usage, and save time and natural resources.

Improve Visibility, Lower Footprint

Companies need the visibility to monitor energy data, compare to average consumption levels, and make informed decisions to lower costs and environmental impact. However, it is difficult to maintain a strong energy management program with multiple sites and multiple types of energy meters.

Own Your Energy Data

UL’s Metering module consolidates all of your energy data so you can compare, predict, and improve your energy footprint. Robust reporting tools help you to identify issues by flagging gaps or inconsistencies. You have the flexibility to store meter data in diverse formats and transfer information in multiple ways. A single chart makes it easy to review daily consumption and compare multiple meters.

Key Benefits and Features

Automate and Centralize Data Collection

Capture usage information from multiple sources and store in one central location.

Monitor Usage in Real Time

Gather and review up-to-the-minute energy data across your operations.

Set Alarms

Set minimum and maximum thresholds to track and respond to any unusual activity, and compare usage trends.

Review Consumption with Ease

Analyze your usage data in multiple ways to build an accurate understanding of consumption trends.