Smart Software Tools to Minimize and Manage Operational Risk

Manage Complex Risks

Risks to a business can take many forms, including processes, manufacturing, regulatory, supply chain, key personnel, hazards, and incidents. Without a unified reporting system, you might not spot issues ahead of time. Your company’s reputation could be at risk.

Improve Operational Risk Visibility and Management

Fully integrated software solutions evaluate areas of risk in your organization, from managing occupational health records for audits to non-compliant suppliers using illegal labor. Addressing the full range of risk areas from global operations to individual incidents on a work site can keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Centralized Data for Decision Making

UL’s PURE Platform centralizes your risk data across the key areas of safety, health, supply chain, sustainability, and environment. With enterprise visibility at a click of a button, you can make more informed decisions without the stress of manual reporting and data consolidation across multiple departments.

Key Benefits and Features

Identify Risk Effectively

Streamline your approach to identifying all types of risk on one integrated platform.

Assess and Mitigate Risk

Drill down into the detail of individual risks and risk scenarios for suppliers, incidents, compliance, and more.

Manage Corrective Actions

Easily manage and automate actions associated with particular risks to mitigate future threat.

Report Progress

Share progress with stakeholders using the PURE Platform's robust reporting tools.

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