Monitor Your Employees’ Health From Year to Year to Keep Them Healthy and Safe

Comprehensive Surveillance Tracking and Management

Federal and state regulatory agencies require companies to perform regular surveillance testing, which can be complex and time consuming. UL offers robust surveillance management software for scheduling, tracking, and collecting employee health data for analysis. This allows users to quickly understand who is due for which surveillance and when.

Boost Accountability and Compliance

Improve workflow efficiency, streamline information-sharing, and cut employee health costs with a full range of capabilities in the surveillance module. Send automated reminders to raise compliance rates, streamline scheduling for upcoming tests, and notify past due employees.

Key Benefits and Features

Designed By Occupational Health Experts

Our dedicated occupational health experts are inspired and driven to help with employee health and safety initiatives. UL's PUREHealth Platform was designed by experts that understand your challenges.

Streamline Communication

All upcoming and past due notifications are automatically configured based on user specifications. Simplified data entry and management, plus built-in integration with HRIS systems.

User Friendly Interface

Highly configurable solution to best fit with your workflows. Over 1,400 off-the-shelf reports to slash time-consuming paperwork. User dashboards give you quick access to information when you need it.

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