While catastrophic events capture national attention, construction workers face on-the-job risks every day. 33% of workers who suffer a lost-time injury in the construction industry are out for more than 31 days. With that amount of time lost due to on-the-job injuries, the industry suffers staggering losses to productivity and employee wellness.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration

A fast-paced construction work environment involves a variety of changing factors, people, and hazards. Construction workers face danger every day, working at heights, with heavy equipment, and with hazardous silica exposure. All of the activity can make it easy to accidentally overlook important safety measures. Whether you manage a single site or multiple sites around the world, you need a central location to view EHS data and provide comprehensive workplace training to make sure your workers return home safely each night. UL’s PURE™ suite of solutions can help.

Audits and Inspections

Organizations in the construction industry are challenged to maintain high-quality, detailed data for all locations. Especially when dealing with constantly changing sites and workers, organizations need to make sure that their supplier sites are compliant with a variety of safety and hygiene standards. Using the PURE Platform, companies are able to:

  • Efficiently distribute and collect site data.
  • View audit information across multiple locations.
  • Assess and assign risk levels to suppliers based on audit outcomes.
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Training Management

With a constantly changing workforce, giving people the knowledge they need to work safely is crucial, but often difficult. Without effective training management on topics related to fall protection, incident management and more, you risk employee injury or illness. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Assign appropriate training content for employees based on role, site, country, language, etc.
  • Distribute training and set automated reminders to boost completion rates.
  • Easily report participation to regulatory bodies using pre-defined forms.
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Occupational Health

Compliance and data reporting are necessary parts of your job, but managing them shouldn’t get between you and your important work of caring for people. With UL’s occupational health solutions, your data can be quickly accessed and analyzed, which makes reporting easy and helps you identify risks and reduce injuries. With UL’s PURE Platform you can:

  • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites.
  • Measure and trend clinic utilization and employee health with robust reporting capabilities.
  • Rest easily knowing you are working with UL, the trusted name in health and safety for more than 100 years.
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Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements for a variety of work site hazards, employee training, and construction activities is challenging. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Log site information and audits in one centralized platform.
  • Track employee incident and training completion, creating a full audit trail.
  • Manage required health screenings and occupational health clinic data.
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