“Our employees can monitor vital SH&E data and do their part to reach our SH&E goals. Importantly, the solution gives us the flexibility to scale our data management activities to new heights.”

Philippe Le Gall | Sustainability Systems and Reporting Manager | Nestlé

Regulatory bodies ensure that the food we eat is safe to consume, but how safe are the workers who produce it? From farm to table, the industry is focused on worker health and wellness, supply chain management, energy and waste, and sustainable practices. Food and beverage producers must balance their high quality products with efforts to protect their workers, minimize waste in their supply chains, and meet industry standards and regulations. UL’s PURE™ suite of solutions can help.

Industrial Hygiene

UL’s PURE Platform includes comprehensive solutions to integrate the tracking, reporting, and analysis of hazards in the workplace. Increased awareness promotes the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention, and control of those environmental factors or stressors arising in or from the workplace.

  • Efficiently distribute and collect site data.
  • View site audit, health, and hazard data.
  • Assess and assign corrective actions to identified hazards.
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Audits and Inspections

Organizations in the food and beverage industry are challenged to maintain high-quality, detailed data for all sites. Especially when dealing with food, organizations need to make sure that their sites are compliant with a variety of safety and hygiene standards. Using the PURE Platform, companies are able to:

  • Efficiently distribute and collect site data.
  • View site audit, health, and safety data.
  • Assess and assign corrective actions to identified issues.
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Training Management

In the food and beverage industry, giving people the knowledge they need to operate safely is crucial, but often difficult. Without effective training management, you risk employee injury, illness, or even food contamination. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Assign appropriate training content for employees based on role, site, country, language, etc.
  • Distribute training and set automated reminders to boost completion rates.
  • Easily report participation to regulatory bodies using pre-defined forms.
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Incident Management

Giving employees the power to report safety observations using a robust management system can lead to decreased incident rates in the future. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Report hazards and near-miss observations easily.
  • Automate corrective action workflows for reported observations and events.
  • Analyze all incident data and report to regulatory bodies.
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