“In addition to gain greater visibility of our environmental performance, we can now stand shoulder to shoulder with colleagues in the more established functions, such as Finance and provide our senior team with hard evidence of the results of our sustainability efforts and the link with profitability.”

Mark Greenwood | Sustainability Director | DS Smith

Manufacturing requires speed and accuracy. It can be difficult to anticipate and prevent all of the many risks that may occur. Every day, employees face hazards including ergonomics problems, exposure to hazardous materials, falls, and much more. Supply chain disruption can grind production to a halt. In an environment where anything can happen, UL can help you uncover potential trouble spots to keep your workers safe and your business running. UL’s PURE™ suite of solutions can help.

Incident Management

Giving manufacturing employees the power to report safety observations using a robust management system can lead to decreased incident rates in the future. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Report hazards and near-miss observations easily.
  • Automate corrective action workflows for reported observations and events.
  • Analyze all incident data and report to regulatory bodies.
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Occupational Health

Compliance and data reporting are necessary parts of your job, but managing them shouldn’t get between you and your important work of caring for people. With UL’s occupational health solutions, your data can be quickly accessed and analyzed, which makes reporting easy and helps you identify risks and reduce injuries. With UL’s PURE Platform you can:

  • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites.
  • Measure and trend clinic utilization and employee health with robust reporting capabilities.
  • Rest easily knowing you are working with UL, the trusted name in health and safety for more than 100 years.
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Audits and Inspections

Organizations in the manufacturing industry are challenged to maintain high-quality, detailed data for all sites and supplier locations. Organizations need to make sure that their sites are compliant with a variety of safety and hygiene standards. Using the PURE Platform, companies are able to:

  • Efficiently distribute and collect site data.
  • View site audit, health, and safety data.
  • Assess and assign corrective actions to identified issues.
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Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements across a diverse manufacturing network is challenging. With UL’s PURE Platform, you can:

  • Log supplier information and audits in one centralized platform.
  • Track employee incident and training completion, creating a full audit trail.
  • Manage required health screenings and occupational health clinic data.
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