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Employee training that adjusts to your workflow

ComplianceWire provides the versatility and flexibility to manage multiple training items within multiple geographic locations and departments.

Fast and efficiently, you can manage these responsibilities:

  • Maintain an unlimited set of training items and curricula with full support for versioning, change control and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
  • Link related training items to meet any knowledge or compliance requirement. Assign these curricula to specific job roles, creating seamless employee job transition training.
  • Leverage a single device to manage existing learning methods for a blended system that includes instructor-led classroom, on-the-job and mentoring components.
  • Supplement best practice compliance-driven courses with internal content to assure conformance to your company’s unique and proprietary set of operational protocols.

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Create and Distribute SOPs

Leverage our Critical Information Control System (CICS) to manage distribution of:

  • SOPs
  • Corporate policies
  • Department-specific forms and surveys
  • Documented electronic audit trail for internal and external communication history with employees, suppliers and contractors

In addition, training assessments (quizzes and exams) can be created and linked to SOPs and other critical documents to measure courseware success and information retention.


Compliance Education for Consultants, Contractors, Temporary Workers

In today’s flexible workforce, contract workers are commonplace, often blending with the workforce for several months or even years.

If you are responsible for the compliance of your own employees—as well as physicians, clinicians, scientists, clinical research staff, outside suppliers and subcontractors, you can leverage the SaaS model inherent with ComplianceWire.

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Compliance Reporting

UL’s ComplianceWire provides ‘compliance-status snapshots,’ enabling senior managers to instantaneously evaluate regulatory staff training effectiveness – and take remedial action, if necessary.

User qualification reports enable you to quickly identify the qualification status of a department or employee against any job role requirement.

“What if” scenarios allow you to determine key employees who are qualified to perform a specific job or at a specific grade level.

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