Risk Management Solution

Many manufacturers are using Quality Risk Management processes to continuously improve manufacturing processes, such as using resources more efficiently.

Clients are partnering with UL to gain a deeper understanding of their current processes, while reducing manufacturing problems.

UL provides the following solutions to help your team adopt a risk-based approach to your product manufacturing life cycle:

  • Identifying, addressing, prioritizing, and eliminating potential sources of failure
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment: What might go wrong, What is the likelihood that something will go wrong, and what are the consequences?
  • Building Risk Analysis Measures, including severity, probability, and detectability
  • Conducting a Risk Review, including monitoring of output/results of the risk management process
  • Developing a Risk Communication Process, to ensure all shareholders and decisions makers receive the proper information
  • Identifying Risk Factors, such equipment failure rates, supply chain threats, etc.
  • Developing a Risk Matrix, and a custom severity scale
  • Deciding on the Appropriate Risk Tools: Decision Tree, FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, etc.