Maximize Your Supply Chain’s Potential with UL 360

Go deeper into your supply chain. Identify risks, and streamline supplier communication to drive continuous improvement. With UL’s 360 Supply Chain, you can assess, audit, and manage suppliers with ease, giving you the visibility you need to minimize operational risk and support growth.

Supply Chain - supplier network

Tools to Measure Big Impact, Spending Less and Wasting Less

Monitor all tiers of your supply chain, minimizing the administrative burden. Your suppliers can invite their own suppliers to create profiles and respond to relevant questionnaires and audits.

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Track Supplier Actions

Efficiently document contacts and document supplier actions. Document and store actions by type of interaction, status, date, and outcome.  Keep track of progress on those specific activities and quickly access past interactions.

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Visibility and Transparency to Make Better Business Decisions

Distribute and track supplier surveys and questionnaires to your supplier network. Once submitted, scores or rankings can be automatically assigned (in line with your scoring methodology). If necessary, you can produce and issue corrective action plans within the system.

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Dashboard Views for Quick Analysis and Insights

Make in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessments via intuitive dashboards. Pinpoint supply chain risks, work with suppliers to drive continuous improvement, build relationships, and strengthen your business.

Get even more from PURE ®Supply Chain

Add-on any of these modules to your existing PURE Supply Chain Solution


Schedule, record, and manage responses to your supplier site audits. Manage audit data with corrective actions assigned to individuals with resolution dates. Available mobile application for on-the-go audit logging.

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Supplier Relations

Document and track supplier actions efficiently through a central, online space. View past interactions and organize actions based on filters you set.

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Mobile Access

Our Audits module is available via mobile application. Take your supplier audit surveys on-the-go and complete audits with or without internet access.



Contact us to learn more about our UL 360 Supply Chain partner integrations, including the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and the Sustainable Apparel Higg Index. Simplify reporting across multiple platforms and incorporate best practice targets into your supply chain tracking.


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Improving your supply chain operations can have massive impacts on your business. Find out what our team of experts are saying about operating sustainable and transparent supply chains.

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