Sustainability Reporting Without the Guesswork

Starting a sustainability program from scratch isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put 15 years of expertise in the industry with PURE Sustainability Essentials, a pre-configured, GRI ready application of our PURE Sustainability platform. Combining easy-to-use tools with industry leading experience, we can meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.


Collect Data from Across Your Organization on the Most Common KPI’s

We’ve done the legwork for you. Rather than collecting what you think you need to, why not collect data against metrics that are proven successful? We’ve carefully curated the indicators used by top companies and in accordance with the GRI, so you can spend your time making improvements, not second guessing your framework reporting.


Review Data Trends in Flexible Reporting Tools

Our reporting tools provide flexible, configurable reports and dashboards that can easily be shared throughout your organization. We’ll get you started with charts covering the most common metrics, like waste, water, and energy. Our data explorer tool lets you ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Gain Confidence in Your Program with a Materiality Assessment

Pre-configured might sound scary at first. Your company is unique, so why should you settle for a cookie-cutter software platform? Our Advisory Services team is here to put your mind at ease. Each scoping discussion begins with a Materiality Assessment to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need to be successful.

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Flexibility to Grow With You

Designed as a starting point for growing organizations, PURE Sustainability Essentials is designed to compliment the rest of the PURE Platform. When you’re ready to grow your sustainability program, improve your health and safety reporting, or track risks in your supply chain, we’ll be ready to grow with you.