Simplify Sustainability Reporting with UL's Sustainability Management Software

Today, transparency is key to a company’s success, and environmental sustainability plays a large part in a company’s reputation. Customers, employees, and partners want to know they are working with companies that care about the environment as much as they do. So where do you start?


Set Sustainability Targets

Does your company want to improve your carbon footprint? Are you hoping to gather information about how much energy, water, and other utilities your buildings use? Build targets? Whether you have one location, want to track your office performance, or have thousands of locations all over the world, sustainability software has the tools to bring all of your data into one, reportable location.


Track and Share Progress Towards Goals

A number of regulatory agencies have developed rating systems to track and compare how companies are performing against environmental standards. Some of these reports are mandatory depending on where you are located. But reporting to these frameworks isn’t the first step – you need to collect your data first. And at a global company, that’s not an easy task.


Become a Sustainability Leader

UL EHS Sustainability offers software solutions to help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals. Our web-based solution allows you to collect and track sustainability metrics across every level and location of your business. Report directly to CDP, GRI, and DJSI, calculate GHG emissions, and track the effectiveness of your CSR initiatives, all in one place.


Ready to get started?

Not sure where to begin, or just moving from a paper-based system? Our PURE Sustainability Essentials platform offers a pre-configured version of our full software suite. Eliminating the guesswork of starting a system from scratch, so you can hit the ground running.

Report to Frameworks

UL is a trusted provider of GRI, CDP, and DJSI frameworks. Streamline your reporting in a single repository, using the data you have been collecting all year

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Manage Utility Use

Connect your platform to smart meters, record on-the-go with our mobile devices, or import bulk data from your invoices. Create estimations based on past readings and track progress towards utility reductions.

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Build CSR Programs

Engage your employees with CSR initiatives, and measure your ROI from existing projects. Make smart investments in your business community for future growth.

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