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Eric Glass

HRO Today

A company discovers its training has devolved—and then does something about it.

An award-winning company, HOLT CAT is the authorized Caterpillar® heavy equipment and engine dealer in 118 Texas counties. Established in 1933, HOLT® sells, services and rents Cat equipment, engines and generators for construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and agricultural applications. In 2010, it was one of only 15 dealers in North and South America to receive Caterpillars’ “Circle of Excellence” award in recognition of consistent, high-quality performance.


While workforce safety has always been a priority, HOLT CAT owners Peter Holt and Allen Archer realized in 2005 that they had unintentionally let it slip to the back burner while they were preoccupied with building their business. As they began refocusing on safety as a core value, Holt and Archer decided to ask their 1,800 employees for their opinions on where things stood. Using a 100-question safety perception survey with categories including recognition, training, and leadership, they were surprised to find that training—an area they thought was adequately covered—received particularly poor marks.


In response to the safety perception survey, the company assembled four cross-functional continuous quality improvement teams (later reduced to three) to address specific low-scoring areas.


The training team learned that the company’s approach, in which a few contractors and in-house professionals periodically taught safety classes on-site, was not nearly frequent or comprehensive enough to satisfy employees’ requirements. “We needed to cover all of our locations with not three but 10 to 12 topics a year,” said Noe Cisneros, director of safety, security, and environmental culture.


The investigating team asked the question: “How do we logistically provide up to 12 quality classes a year for every location with no exceptions?”


The Solution: A Web-based Training System

Upon evaluating the options, the answer turned out to be PureSafety’s web-based learning safety management system (LSMS). A national company based in Franklin, Tenn., PureSafety provides enterprise-wide software solutions, education and industry expertise in support of workplace health and safety efforts. Key features of the LSMS include ease of use, content creation and incident management tools, access to a library of more than 650 course titles (including many in Spanish), and course completion and exam tracking capabilities.


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