An environmentally conscious company uses UL’s solutions to help fulfill its quality-of-life mission.

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When you turn on the tap and fresh water rushes out, you may have United Water to thank for its efforts. The company’s mission is to “Provide innovative water and waste management solutions that improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.”

United Water is responsible for treating approximately 955 million gallons of drinking water and 1,200 million gallons of wastewater in the U.S. every day. A leader in the water services industry since 1869, United Water has nearly 2,300 employees. It serves 5.7 million people in 21 states, operates 100 municipal water systems and owns 20 regulated water utilities.



Along with the 2008 acquisition of Earth Tech’s North American Contract Operations, an environmental services company, United Water acquired an existing relationship with UL and its PURE Safety Learning Management System  to help address safety, health and environmental training and compliance requirements.

“Because the system was effective and UL offered a robust catalog of courses, we expanded our agreement so everyone in our company has access to the learning platform,” Marano explained.


The company recently added access to 36 courses in the UL library, bringing the total number of courses it uses to more than 100. Meanwhile, the number of United Water employees who access UL’s courses increased 60 percent in four years.

“UL helps us in a number of different ways,” Marano said. “We can access the required courses needed for our employees on demand. They can start a course, and if they need to, go back later and pick it up where they left off. We assign a timeframe to complete each course, which establishes an expectation and also gives them flexibility to balance training and job duties.”

In addition, the system is user-friendly, particularly on the administrative side. “It is able to show managers which employees need training and if there is any required coursework that has not been completed. It really helps us align our learning solutions based on the needs of our workforce,” he said.

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