How the Safety Department Can Engage Leaders to Drive Safety
Performance throughout the Organization

This webinar is presented by Len Jannaman, who recently joined UL EHSS as a VP of EHS Sustainability Services after completing 33 years with DuPont in manufacturing and business management, including 10 years as a leader of their external safety consulting business.

As you know, creating an active culture of health and safety in your company goes well beyond implementing workplace regulations and meeting compliance standards. While safety professionals understand the benefit of making safety a priority in their companies and encouraging active dialogue on what it takes to accomplish that goal, it is often difficult to get the attention of top leaders to communicate that message to the organization and to provide you with the help you need to be successful.

Organizations are under a lot of pressure to increase sales, quality or productivity and to reduce costs, and safety sometimes gets short shrift. This webinar explores strategies to engage your leadership to capture the benefits of having senior-level investment in your health and safety planning.