Incident Management in the Digital Age

Complying with ever-evolving regulations presents an ongoing compliance challenge for EHS professionals. Many companies are now leveraging advanced software tools to manage EHS activities across their entire organization including ensuring compliance, responding to incidents, and managing actions. Verdantix, an independent analyst firm, has recently released the Smart Innovators Report focused on incident management software. This analysis details the latest innovations provided by leading software providers that to help firms protect employees and make the most of their incident management programs.

Join Stuart Neumann, Director of Advisory Services at Verdantix, Langdon Dement, EHS Advisor at UL EHS Sustainability, and Iain McGhee, Commercial Director at UL EHS Sustainability to learn how companies are developing their incident management programs in the digital age.

You will learn:

  • Where 90% of firms are investing their health & safety budgets in 2017;
  • What emerging technologies will transform health & safety; and
  • Why making the investment in incident management software is crucial to your business.