Is Your eLearning Keeping Up with Your Workplace?

You know that if your workplace health and safety culture is standing still, it’s falling behind. New risks emerge every day. New team-members arrive, safety regulations change, and new tasks or process can result in less time and money. Doing the same routine can lull your team into a false sense of security. A true safety culture requires continuous – but not necessarily costly – maintenance and improvement.

Watch our complimentary 30-minute webinar presented by eLearning experts Susan Murphy and John Dunavan, now!

This webinar covers:

  • Learning content: How to mix online and onsite training to stimulate better outcomes
  • Engaging Employees: Get employees involved to make them safer and more productive
  • Measuring Outcomes: Generating a big-picture can identify successes, risks, and opportunities
  • Peace of Mind: Ensure your training is relevant and up-to-date by keeping up with regulatory changes