Occupational Medicine Providers,
How to Maximize the Impact of Your Investment

This webinar discusses the dynamics that have led to change in the occupational medicine industry and provides helpful perspectives as to what you should evaluate when selecting new service partners to help you with all your employee health initiatives.

The presenter, Matt Koerlin, is the Director of Product Strategy for Healthcare at UL EHS Sustainability in Franklin, TN. Prior to UL, Matt spent 10 years at Emdeon (now Change Healthcare) and through his combined experience at UL and Emdeon has acquired a wealth of experience in addressing problems in healthcare for payers, providers, employers, and patients. With over 20 years of technology experience and a background in Computer Science and Business, Matt brings a unique perspective to the problems faced by businesses and how technology can be used to address these problems in unique, productive, and profitable ways.

This webinar will cover:

  • Reducing the cost of services
  • Reducing services consumed
  • The impact of a culture of safety, and
  • The importance of effectively integrating a service provider with your business processes