Time Blocking: Seven Steps to Master Time

How do you manage distraction and regain focus to set priorities and avoid busy work? Join us for this free webinar when Penny Zenker, international speaker, business coach, and author of the best-selling book, “The Productivity Zone,” shares strategies on time blocking. Time blocking is an essential, proactive time management strategy to schedule your priorities. Penny will share her seven-step proven process to help you align your goals and actions.

The goal is that you will walk away from this webinar understanding:

- the significance of the Pareto principle 80/20 Rule and how to use this to effectively block time
- the three areas of distractions and where your greatest opportunities lie
- how to better manage competing priorities, and how to schedule and stick to what’s most important

Close the gap between proactive and reactive activities so you focus on the 20% activities which will gain you 80% of the results!