Uncovering Cloud Computing — Basics and Validation Part 1

Cloud computing is becoming more prevalent across all industries. In the highly regulated life science industry, cloud computing brings a whole new complexity to meet the Food and Drug Administration computer system validation, quality systems and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The first phase is to acquire knowledge of cloud computing, its services, environments, pros/cons, risks, and validation requirements. During Part 1 of this webinar, Holly Baldwin, UL senior validation advisor, covers cloud basics to assist your QA and validation teams entering this new world of validation/compliance.

Learning objectives:

- Traditional, physical servers and validation
- What is the cloud?
- Analyzing pros and cons
- Understanding SaaS versus Cloud
- A new world of validation
- Determine inherent risks in a cloud-based environment
- Evaluate the value of risk assessment
- Where did it go wrong?