Learn about the newest features available in SYSTOC 8.40

We’re pleased to announce the latest release of SYSTOC 8.40 is now available. SYSTOC 8.40 includes updates that will greatly help our clients. Here is what you can look forward to with the release:


PureOHS Employer Portal

  • Deleting records in SYSTOC will delete matching records in PureOHS Employer Portal (changing a company on a SYSTOC record could also invoke a delete queue record).
  • In an effort to reduce the number of queue records being sent to PureOHS Employer Portal, SYSTOC will not create duplicate pending records.
  • Queue view screen now has right click option to filter on a specific record.
  • Task ID search has been added to queue view screen.
  • SYSTOC can match on PureOHS case # when adding injuries.



  • Frequently used locations feature was added to General Documents screen.
  • SYSTOC Site ID is now displayed at top of all screens.
  • System supports Microsoft 2019 server stack.


Post Appointment Follow-up

  • You can send post visit email/text to patients for patient satisfaction surveys or any other information.
  • Users can send no show email/text to employer dept/contact.


SYSTOC Audit History Report

  • Select screens in company folder, file maintenance, and utility will now audit add/edit/delete with detail.


Kiosk Enhancements

  • We added TimeApptID to the appointment register screen labeled as Kiosk Appt. PIN for user convenience when patients complete Kiosk forms in the waiting room.
  • The amount of time before sessions expire increased to 60 minutes so users can complete forms without the session timing out.


Please refer to the SYSTOC 8.40 documents available on the Customer Resource Center (CRC). If you’re not registered on the CRC, we encourage you to sign up to access SYSTOC resources.


Want to learn more about the upcoming release? We are holding a webinar on April 14, 2020 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central to review the new features.


Unable to join the live session? Register and you will be sent a link to the webinar recording. Questions? Contact ulehss@ul.com.

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